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I am older than that picture. Give or take a decade. Emotionally I am not much older. I do not even feel that much older. Well, sometimes I do. I am 43, I act my age, however some might debate that. I like video games, that is where they might win that debate. I also like to take literary jabs at what we perceive to be the truth. Be those truths, biblical, political, spiritual, and even personal. At some point in time I found the world bugging me. Nagging me to a point. I found the world to be wrong in places. My usual place to unload my thoughts was the newspaper. I generally read the comics followed by the opinion pages.

You have to read the comics, it is a given. Humor before getting to the gist of things. Doing things in this matter allow me to keep an open mind. Most of what I garner is from paper or the internet. That is where my ideas prosper.

The paper and the net. Forget television news. I have lost faith in that medium.

How I work

Basically I load my site, so many hits are my own, funny thing that. Anyway, I read the feeds. Hmmm this is screwed, that just is not right, look at what is happening there, etceteras, and if it strikes a nerve, or better yet, gets on one, I write about it. Life in general can support a writ or rant here and there. Some is serious, some is not. Most is theory and conjecture. I love that old series "In search of" its opening stressed the shows topics being theory and conjecture. Interesting that the History Channel runs this show. One episode was dealing with the search of the Titanic, still theory and conjecture, because at the time it had not been found yet. Another was the apparent nuclear bombing of an area in I think Asia. Somewhere, anyway, it was thought to be from a UFO or some such, a meteor was never mentioned, which is now thought to be the case. It is funny to me that the History Channel finds this show relevant. I shouldn't be surprised they find Baa Baa Blachsheep with Robert Conrad relevant. What they should have after "In Search Of" is a segment, catching up. This show is quite dated. See how I am, meandering thoughts. 


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Just me years ago
I play for my own amuse...enjoyment


This picture was taken by me in 1984. Man that was a while ago eh?