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Latest Criminals:
aQuantive inc. (Avenue A, inc, etc) 
WhenU loader of spyware
 A search result at
for whenu
These are pdf and you'll need the viewer but worth a look
Here is another great one with names I do remember
Exact Advertising ( bargain Buddy ) Registered at Go Daddy

Go Daddy. When ICANN discredits these hooligans and demands the dismantling of Registry By Proxy and the public records that
a registry SHOULD have of all these other hooligans
problems will be solved

Suit up maggots get ready for the good fight. This arsenal will protect your computer from the enemy.

I'll tell you, I have tried everything from Norton
to Zone Alarm.

Take Zone Alarm and Norton toss them in the junk heap. Alarms after alarms with nothing to show but useless IP numbers. I got dang tired of launching on my other pc to find out who's who and what's what, because if I hadn't I would have done a regretful thing

OutPost Firewall will give you useful data IP addresses and names, sometimes an IP is your ISP, DSL, or cable company. Now before getting all gun happy you need to know the target.

Go Here, you will see Spybot Search and Destroy, get that and check out other gear.

Ad-Aware  Highly Recomended
Ad-Aware Download Check out my results of a scan
OutPost Firewall: Use in disable mode to log IP's and
Out Post Fire Wall Download
Not for the faint of heart
Freeware Tested by Topper, Great!
EZ Firewall Get It Here See my guide
Sygate Personal Firewall

Wars are great, but hard to win without allies. Mine, it is the Global Positioning System of the internet.

EZ Firewall, Ad-Aware, Out Post Fire Wall,
I'll say this one more time so listen up

Get THEM! I can not recommend Ad-Aware more!

Trust me, just these two protection software programs alone are worth their weight in gold
Again I recommend these products and services on merit if they didn't work they wouldn't be here

Webroot Software, Inc.
Webroot and WebAttack have really good internet tools for PC protection
and family protection and combined with EZ Firewall, you'll win

Everyday, another treasure for the Combat Elite, Ad-Aware Will sweep your system for hijackers and give you meaningful results.
You can download Ad-Aware from the links above or check it out at the vender


This little gem of messenger pop ups came to you by the makers of SPAM

Hormel foods and Microsoft1

How to stop Messenger popup Spam - FREE:

These 4 easy steps will turn off the messenger service used to send messenger service popup ads. The Messenger service is not related to Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger.:
1. Go to Start, then Run and type in services.msc Click Ok

2. Scroll to Messenger, select it, right click it and choose Properties.

3. Under startup choose "Disabled", then choose Stop.

4. When stopped, click Ok.

1. I kid, I'm a kidder, actually Hormel makes Spam, the luncheon meat. Get a can, have some, makes a great pen holder when you get it cleaned up.