1. Coffee

2. This Nightmare I call "Goliath" my PC from hell

3. HTML. HTML, uh HTML since Front Page doesn't want to deal with anything at the moment

4. Front Page since it doesn't want to deal with Publishing the way it should.

5. What's a fricken port 80 got to do with anything

6. I work for a living so I can afford to update these addictions

7. I need help

8. Uh unacquainted love, ain't it a bitch  (Those that know know and those that don't I ain't telling)

9. Trying to find acquainted love, hey she's out there

10. This is fun

11. tv NOT! unless it's history or Discovery it's off (as of July, no)

12. Cable television because the History and Discovery Channels are on there (did I mention July)

13. Uh

14. I don't fear nuttin

15. Smokin cigars occasionally

16. Cruising the websites of Favor

17. Getting things to work

18. Number 3

19. FrontPage and the website is running smoothly, maybe too easy

20. AOL

21. Java scripts

22. A frozen Concoction that helps me hang on (Kahlua Colada), yumm
some addiction haven't had one in about a month


Got the feel of another site coming on


Every Once and a while suits get it right
[Adult Swim]
CowBoy Bebop

Another from
[Adult Swim]
FLCL ( Fooly Cooly )
Is is? Oh yea